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Get it right the first time Drawer Slides / Runners


Suitable for carrying loads up to 227kg.Heavy duty drawer slide that is a very useful all round runner. Lock in and lock out feature makes this slide useful just about anywhere as the slide holds its position when it’s shut and when it’s at full extension, this is very handy when you don’t want your drawer moving around.Available in lengths 356mm to 1524mm.

Starting at just $98.08/PER PAIR

125KG Drawer slides

Suitable for carrying loads up to 125kg slides. Medium duty drawer slide that is a very useful all round runner. Slides offer full extension and disconnecting feature. Available in lengths 305mm to 1016mm.

Starting at just $36.60/per pair

100KG basemount drawer slides

Heavy duty drawer slides suitable for carrying loads up to 100kg of evenly spread weight at over extension. Slides achieve full extension as they operate off a four track system, not the typical three piece used in the manufacture of full extension slides.

Starting at just $70/per pair

60KG LOCKINg Drawer slides

Suitable for carrying loads up to 60kg.Light duty drawer slides / runners that provides lock in, lock out feature. Great for light drawers that you don’t want to move around when you are working from them. Slides offer full extension and disconnecting feature. Locking leaver adds 25mm to closed length of slides. Available in lengths 350mm to 800mm.

Starting at just $39/per pair

45KG basemount drawer slides

Light duty Zinc plated drawer slides / runners, perfect for drawers that hold lightobjects. Commonly used in household furniture, kitchen installations, small drawersin toolboxes etc. Slides offer full extension, disconnection and are available in lengths 250mm to 700mm

Starting at just $10.56/per pair

What more we offer

Cargo Drawers

Drawer for all kinds of 4wd’s, SUV’s, Vans, Utes, you name it with Dunn & Watson’s range of cargo drawers. All drawers are made from 3mm aluminium and can have a carpeted face or checker plate finish with one of our many cargo drawer handles. These drawer systems can be placed side by side or stacked. There are many sizes in stock to accommodate most vehicles in the market but we can also custom manufacture. Another benefit of Dunn & Watson built cargo drawer slides which mean we can tailor runners to suit the drawers application.

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Fridge Slides

At Dunn & Watson you will find Australia’s largest selection of fridge slides, including units that slide out length ways, sideways as well as popular slide and tilt fridge slides and the market favourite drop down fridge slides. Our fridge slides are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate popular models. If our standard units don’t suit your fridge we can also custom manufacture. A great feature of Dunn & Watson Fridge Slides is that they operate popular 125kg and 227kg locking drawer slides. All our fridge slides lock out at full extension so they are easy to operate without your fridge sliding back and forth.

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All Bushmaster Series units specialise in being tough and robust for 4×4 enthusiasts. Our Bushmaster Series is a range of heavy duty fridge slides and cargo drawers in a variety of sizes to capture as much of the Australian market as possible. Bushmaster Series products also boast being completely carpet lined inside and out which adds to noise reduction and overall appeal of your fridge slide or cargo drawer. Bushmaster fridge slides are manufactured on 227kg lockable drawer slides and Bushmaster cargo drawers are manufactured on heavy duty roller bearings allowing drawers to handle heavy loads..

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Fridge / Freezer Combos

Engel chest fridge freezers in 40ltr, 60ltr and 80ltr sizes. We also stock transit bags and can offer a wide variety of fridge slides to suit. Engel have been a market leader in Australia for over 50 years and Dunn & Watson is very proud to have them in our line up.

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MSA Explorer Series

Dunn & Watson are stockists of MSA’s range of drop down fridge slides, fridge slide barriers to suit drop slides and MSA explorer series cargo drawers. When you are buying MSA products you can rest assured you are buying quality.

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